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ILM Art Department Challenge : The Job (3)

"The Danji have established themselves as resourceful allies as they managed to prevent Threepio and R2-D2 from capture.
- Create a scene (one keyframe) where they are returning them to the new Rebel HQ on a cavernous planet called “Sookah”… Put some of your newly designed vehicles in the frame.
- Directors notes … This is where we first see the Danji. We can go a little more alien with this race. Keep the humanoid design. I love the scene in Helms Deep when the Elven reinforcements arrive. I really don’t want that though. This has to be new, different, and better."

Renaud roche job03
Renaud roche danji alliance wip
Renaud roche part03 sketches01b
Renaud roche part03 sketches02b
Renaud roche part03 sketches03b