ILM Art Department Challenge : The Job (2)

Renaud roche job02a
Renaud roche job02b
Renaud roche part02 sketches01b
Renaud roche part02 sketches02b
Renaud roche s5004 frt

"A new faction has joined the Rebel Alliance – the Danji. They’ve brought their armada of vessels and military ships. Do some quick sketches of some of those vehicles highlighting their function. Big and small.
Director’s Notes: “We can go a little more exotic with some of these forms, but they need to fit in the Star Wars universe. Keep to the ‘used world’ theme and utilitarian feel to everything.”
Real-world Inspiration: Much like the Model makers finding everyday common things and making a space ship from the basic shape, we are asking you to do the same. Find an industrial form/product that you think might work. Similar to Nilo Rodis’s Slave one (street lamp) and the Hospital ship (an outboard motor on its side). Post that image in your submissions."